About Us

The Institute for Media and Society is an independent, non-governmental organization based in Nigeria. The institute was established in April 2000.

In establishing the organization, we considered and were convinced of such issues as:

  • the inter-relationship between the well-being of a society and its media as well as between the state of the media and the responsiveness and growth of societal institutions.
  • the institutionalization of democracy and development in Nigeria being nourished by a free and pluralistic media structure, culture and environment.


We designed a three-fold mandate:

  • Building the capacity of the media to become a more informed, innovative and competitive institution, well positioned as a central player in today’s knowledge societies and economies, and able to provide appropriate interface for civil society and governance institutions.
  • Upskilling the institutions of civil society and governance for appropriate engagement of the media and utilization of other communication resources.
  • Advocating communication rights and the expansion of media/communication resources to all sections of the population.

Our Mission Statement:
“To help build and improve the communication capacity and environment of the media, civil society and governance institutions to facilitate popular participation in democracy and development in Nigeria”.

Our Vision Statement:

“To be part of the Nigerian governance and development process in which communication capacity-building is a prime component”